Some Companies show their support for local charities by making an official donation. Some have their own charitable foundations which fund local causes and support the local community.

Most of us are familiar with Nando's and in Sheffield, they have a number of restaurants and food outlets serving the city. On the occasion of the opening of their new restaurant in the city centre, the team approached Sheffield Mind to talk about getting mental health support for their local staff.

We delivered some training and awareness sessions and as a result, the management team worked with us to unite their teams behind one fundraising goal, in this case, to fund a programme of anger management.

The team worked tirelessly to raise funds through all manner of events and activities including in house restaurant challenges, individual staff challenges such as marathons and tough mudders and eventually culminating in a regional sports day event for all the local staff.

Thanks to their hard work and generosity, the team managed to fund the anger management programme fro the best part of 2 years and even allowed us to hold a graduation ceremony in one of the restaurants, for all that competed the course- a lovely gesture and one appreciated by staff and course participants.

Staff worked closely with the team and we enjoyed being part of such a positive partnership.

In addition to the fundraising they donated furniture, food and time to help support our service delivery and one staff member even helped promote our merchandise in our 'Travels with my Tote' feature!