What I came in with?

I applied to come onto the course after yet another row with my wife that I had caused for no apparent reason.

I tried to apologise but she was inconsolable, seeing her like this yet again, made me feel ashamed.  I had to do something or I stood to loose the most important thing in my entire life.

What Changed?

After listening to the other lads on the course and hearing their experiences. And the methods and advice given by Terrence and Chloe I started to analyse myself.  Talking and listening to my wife and listening to her responses (Something I haven’t done for a long time it seems) 

I started doing breathing exercises to control my temper and aggression. This is very much like the preverbal “Count To Ten” and sees if I still feel the same afterward. Low and behold!  It works

What Learned?

I have learnt to accept that the consequences of MY actions and aggressive behaviour come from an experience that I had a little over ten years ago. 

Realising this, has allowed me to face my demons and dissolve their affect on me

I used to be so in control of myself and through the discussions had with all. I have returned to that person.  And I am determined to remain that person.

What am I taking with me?

A vast Mental Tool Kit, to enable me to control myself, for the rest of my life. I can now see the difference between Anger and aggression..  the latter will have no place  in my persona ever again

Thank you all for this