We offer free, confidential counselling from a qualified (BACP registered) therapist.

Available therapies:

  • Individual talking therapy
  • Couples therapy

Counselling offers a safe space where you can explore matters which may be too hard to discuss with other people who are close to you.  The space is non-judgemental and a counsellor can walk alongside you whilst you try to make sense or understand more about what is going on for you right now. 

Counselling has no bias to anyone or service and it is wholeheartedly aimed at working with you in a way which can potentially have long lasting effects.  Such progress could include a greater awareness of you and how you are in other important relationships.  This improved awareness can allow you to make choices which are more in keeping with your true self.  Counselling can also improve confidence and give you that sense of what is really important in your life. 

There is often a gap between who we really are and what we portray to the world, the difference between these two states can manifest in many ways but most commonly are feelings of unhappiness and unease within yourself.  Over time counselling can bring you more in line with who you want to be and this can allow you to feel much more content.  This can have a positive knock on effect in other areas of your life.

It's important to remember that counselling is not a quick fix and progress takes time.  You may not always feel a week by week positive benefit.  Some weeks will be tough but in order to achieve the potential benefits mentioned above its important that you stay committed even when it’s hard or you feel it’s not helping.

The service is flexible in its delivery; we can see people in our offices throughout South Yorkshire, at community venues or visit people in their homes. We also offer telephone counselling and video counselling via zoom.

Contact the team for further details [email protected] / 0114 258 4489