I’m Harriet – a trauma informed dance/movement therapist (DMP) working with a psychodynamic approach.

Sometimes thoughts and feelings can be impossible to put into words. And when they can be verbalised, they often become stories and feel stuck and self-defining. Working with the wisdom of the body, allowing it to speak the unspeakable, we can give shape and colour to our experiences. By letting go of words, we can explore our ways of relating with greater depth and gain fresh perspective.

I nurture a consistent, respectful, safe space in which clients can explore their inner worlds. Working with what clients bring that day and what comes up in the therapeutic relationship, DMP sessions can look many different ways. Sessions might involve client led movement, exploration of images, gesture and/or body sensation, imaginative visualisation, the use of props such as music, mark making and verbal reflection.

No previous dance experience is necessary - I can’t say this loudly enough!

  • MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy
  • Accredited registrant of Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP)