Thanks to all the staff at Gripple Limited for the VERY generous donation and lovely words of support. 

Gripple is a a globally recognised manufacturer delivering innovative, value-added solutions to the construction and agricultural market. they very kindly made a donation to us earlier in the year in recognition of the work we have been doing to support local people in what have been challenging times.

The support of local businesses is crucial to our work and Gripple staff have been very supportive over the years. In addition to the donation we got this lovely message of support,

'Thank you for the amazing work you do and we are delighted to continue our support in this particularly challenging year. Gripple Ltd Charities Team, Sheffield'

We have been fortunate enough to visit the Gripple factory - people in the city know it well on account of the Giant Spider - and we hope to do so again in the near future, to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity.