We were very fortunate to be selected as Charity of the Year for Gripple back in 2022 and enjoyed working with them on the many creative projects staff organised.

They made and sold cards, undertook individual fundraising challenges such as an abseil, a marathon bike ride and sponsored walk and completed the year with a day long festival 'Glidefest' which featured live music, food, drink and a range of entertainment for the children.

It started early and when on through the evening and everyone taking part had a ball.

We know that a LOT of hard work and a huge amount of time when into the organising of all these activities and we cannot thank the team for their support, their enthusiasm and there commitment.

In addition to helping with the fundraising, staff came and assisted with practical improvements at the office, transforming our 'garden' into something acceptable and decorating our counselling rooms - it was all we could do to stop them rebuilding the place!

Although Gripple is a a globally recognised manufacturer delivering innovative, value-added solutions to the construction and agricultural market, they very much have their home in the city and wanted to support a local charity, working to improve the mental health of people in Sheffield.

The support of local businesses is crucial to our work and we enjoy working with local companies and getting to know the teams that are working so hard to support us. 

if you would like to support us, or to talk to us about what we do and how fundraising can help, email the team here here