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At Sheffield Mind, we run a range of projects with staff who are specific to that service, so our challenge is always to create a team spirit, across the organisation. A strong team spirit helps creativity and innovation because it encourages employees to share ideas and it contributes to that feeling of belonging to the organisation. Here are some of our techniques: 

  • Regular staff meetings. 

We hold quarterly staff meetings where we share information, but we also make them a social occasion, by having a quiz and sharing lunch. 

Top Tip: We make the meetings compulsory. No excuses about being too busy, we give staff plenty of notice. 

  • Newsletter. 

We circulate a weekly newsletter, where staff and managers can share information and celebrate achievements 

Top Tip: We have features such as ‘Who’s that baby?’ where staff submit their baby photos. This is great for getting people chatting at the water cooler! 

  • Fundraising. 

Dress Down Friday, bake sales or other workplace fundraising ideas are a great way of getting staff together. Many larger organisations offer staff the opportunity to volunteer their services to a local charity for a day, as a team-building exercise, but if that’s not possible, encourage your staff to choose a good cause and then plan some Friday afternoon fun. 

 Top Tip: We had a ‘Footy Shirt Friday’ and raised money for a local charity.