At Sheffield Mind we believe that good mental health is fundamental to living a healthy and fulfilling life and to having positive relationships with those around us.

We recognise the close link between physical and mental health and we promote self help and empowerment as a route to prevention and recovery. By providing support tailored to each individual's need we can help people overcome their difficulties, become more emotionally resilient and more able to cope positively in the future.


We provide a range of services and informal peer support groups and we are working with partners from across the city to deliver condition specific or bespoke services, these include the Ministry of Defence, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and South Yorkshire Housing Association. We are committed to providing the very best standards of care and support to our service users and the wider public of Sheffield and we are regularly called upon to consult and advise on mental health issues by local businesses, particularly around the issue of workplace wellbeing and our training courses have been developed to help organisations manage mental health in the workplace. If you are interested in funding out more about the training we provide click here for details.

We work hard to promote mental health awareness and regularly participate in events and activities designed to inform
the public about the services we provide and what they can do to improve their mental health or 

We have an active social media presence and encourage people to follow and engage with us via our  Twitter and Facebook accounts. Public opinion is important to us and we enjoy hearing about the positive initiatives people are undertaking to generate better understanding of mental health or improved support for the people with mental health conditions.


We have a base in Sharrow and work across the city