I felt an enormous sense of relief when my application to the Anger Management course was accepted. I have sought various treatments over the course of almost 20 years in dealing with this shameful and debilitating affliction, all to no avail. I had asked my GP for anger management counselling many times, but there was nothing available until now. I am utterly grateful to have had this opportunity, the difference it has made to my life (and those around me) is unquantifiable.

 Before this course, I found myself succumbing to anger on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times. As well as affecting me, it affected my family and friends and fed into my already increasing sense of self-loathing. It would spill out into aggression, road rage and both my personal and professional life. I had many failed relationships as a result of it but worse still, it was affecting my children.

I was sceptical about a 6 week course being long enough to help, or whether I would gel with the group and feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with strangers. Group sessions are my idea of hell, but I grabbed this chance with both hands and am indescribably glad that I did. The course leader was a consummate professional. She steered and prompted the group, but gently enough for us to take our own leads. She encouraged us to open up and I found myself looking forward to the weekly sessions! By week 3, I could already feel a difference. I was changing my thought patterns, behaviours and self-reflecting using the techniques from the handbook and sessions. These are crucial skills that I will have for life.

It has been a life-changing exercise, I feel like a better version of myself and am definitely more calm under pressure. People around me have noticed a difference and in turn, they too have been looking inward. The knock-on effect has been astonishing. I have no doubt that this course has improved my mental health, ability to process and deal with situations and remain calm. 

I would like to extend my respect and gratitude to Sheffield Mind, thank you for making such a positive difference to the rest of my life.

If you would like to register for the next course in January 2021, you can get all the relevant details here