In the year I turned 40, I decided to run the GNR and raise funds and awareness for Sheffield Mind.

This charity has been providing mental health services to the people of Sheffield for over 40 years. They won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

They provide counselling, therapy sessions, practical and emotional support, peer support, mental health training and free sessions such as anger management. Whilst not a crisis service, they provide useful and detailed information for people who are in need of urgent help and their website is an excellent resource for people wanting to self help too.

Sadly, like too many of us, I have been touched by the impact of mental ill health and there'll be a few faces I shall be remembering as I (hopefully!) cross the finish line and no doubt blubbering like a big baby!

As well as donating, I invite you to help me with my playlist! Keep me motivated on those miles. I like 90's /00's RnB, hop hop, garage, dance, indie, guitar, rock, Motown, funk n soul, pop, you name it but only big bangers please at the 2hr mark!

Let’s make a playlist together, join and edit: GNR 2023 playlist;!!P0kYq-wz9Q!QJXAYqhB3oPOBd1u73Z3voLZ55BtmOrVEXbF4kFrLslHITvjOpNbWA4UUKz5A4_V4lXlnQaAw4U-3vHID4xGI6b0xbM$

Thanks for your support! xx

Kate Carey