For anyone not familiar with the cafe, Project Co-ordinator Karly agreed to answer a few questions for us 

Who is the Rainbow Heron Café for?

The Rainbow Heron Café is for young people aged 18-30. 

What activities are on offer at the Rainbow Heron Café? 

Every month, there's an informal art activity to take part in. These activities might be more individual or group based. We aim to use a diverse range of art materials so you can try out lots of different things. If you have your own artistic skill as a café guest, you might be able to co-lead an activity and teach other guests about what you love!

We also offer board games, pizza nights and other social activities.

Is it okay for me to opt out of activities? 

Yes, there's no obligation to take part in any activities.

Is it an actual Café?

The Rainbow Heron Café is not a traditional café and there isn't a menu or food and drink to purchase. We do, however, offer free light refreshments including snacks, hot and cold drinks. Alcohol is not allowed at the Rainbow Heron Café. 

Is the Rainbow Heron Café free?

Yes, the Rainbow Heron Café is totally free.

Can I just turn up?

Yes, you can just turn up at the Rainbow Heron Café. 

Can I give feedback about what I would like to do or see at Rainbow Heron Café?

Yes! We aim for people who come to Rainbow Heron to help shape what happens at the café, so we can create a collaborative space with something for everyone to enjoy.  

Can I lead my own activity at the Rainbow Heron Café? 

Yes! We would love guests to lead activities and we can offer support to help you.

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