Our Art Therapist, Karly, is working with 12 local community groups to get them thinking about mental health, their experiences of using mental health services and how to access all the great VCSE (voluntary) sector support that is out there, including using the Sheffield Mental Health Guide.

There are some things that words cannot explain, and art gives us another way of communicating. Art helps people express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings while showcasing their views on what's happening in the world, or in their community.

Karly is running 8-week sessions with these groups and we just know they'll be fun, they'll be informative and they'll be creative.

At the end of 12 months, This Is Us will have produced a wealth of art and written word that expresses how local people feel about mental health - and we'll end the project with a exhibition of all the work at our Wellbeing Centre.