The Ripple Effect is a bereavement 'navigation service'; designed to enable people to access emotional and practical support after the loss of a loved one. 

In addition to the immediate loss, bereavement can affect every aspect of a person’s life and leave them feeling isolated and adrift. Some friends and acquaintances may struggle to know how to talk about the person who has passed away, or may stop contact all together.

Many struggle with the practical elements of maintaining a home as their partner may have taken the lead on bill paying, shopping and cooking.

The Ripple Effect provides up to 3 months of one-to-one support and additional group activities in Greenhill, Beauchief and surrounding areas for people experiencing bereavement.

The one-to-one support concentrates on working with the individual to address practical or emotional needs relating to their loss, whilst the group element will encourage the development of friendships and community activity.

We listen, hear and respond to people’s needs, worries and importantly, give them time to share their memories but focus on the time ahead.

The ‘ripple effect’ comes when the newly empowered individual shares their skills and confidence with others in the community. 

If you are interested in the service and would like to find out more, contact Project Coordinator Janet Browse on 0114 258 4489 or email [email protected]  for further information and a referral form.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note with some feedback about the Ripple Effect.

I was stopped outside the GP surgery where I work earlier this week by a patient I had seen previously and referred on to the Ripple Effect.

He told me that the service had changed his life, and that Janet in particular had really helped him with a lot of things and he couldn’t thank her enough for helping him out of a very bad place.

I must admit the person in question did look a thousand times better than when I first met him, which shows that the Ripple Effect has helped him turn his life around.

I just wanted to pass this on, as I know people are always quick to complain but never to give compliments.


Jack Dale

Community Support Worker

Peak Edge Neighbourhood.