The Sky team kindly painted our basement ‘garden room’ so it’s more pleasant for service user events and also more attractive for local organisations or individuals looking to book a room.

They were so impressed by the work that we do, that some of the staff have started volunteering at our Friendly Friday sessions on a monthly basis.

Gavin, one of the regulars said

'it's a pleasure to come and help out, I’ve found it really rewarding. We’re currently increasing the bank of volunteers so we can keep coming to help out. 

I found the Friendly Friday service a really good way for people to socialise who may find it difficult to meet others and to speak with peers who may be suffering similar experiences and backgrounds.

It is a very relaxed, friendly and sympathetic drop in session and when I have attended you can see the difference it is making to people. Conversations are natural and no one is forced to join in or do things they don’t want to do. The staff are really friendly and approachable and make everyone feel at ease.  I love attending and love to meet with fellow attendees, it’s a really great idea to help deal with loneliness and support people with mental health conditions''.

They're a great bunch and provide strong support to the group facilitator Terence - and they always bring fab biscuits!