Work Well Stay Well

WorkWell StayWell is an employment support service for people over 50 who are in work and experiencing mental health difficulties.

We work with both Employees and Employers to try and adddress issues that are affecting workplace wellbeing and try and get people back into regular and productive employment. Our project coordinator Julia, will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements and co-produce a plan to address and manage the issues raised.

Below is a summary of how the project works, click on the images to download a flyer

For Employees

Our project worker can help people who are having issues by working with them and their employer, to address problems that are having an impact on wellbeing. If people are unwell and on sick leave we can help negotiate a return to work, signpost to other services so that support is ongoing and help individuals talk to employers about reasonable adjusrments that may help them work and feel better.

If people are having difficulties maintaining their jobs we can talk through options and identify and facilitate contact with appropriate support and training networks.

In addition we will be ruuning drop in and well being sessions  to help people develop practical and emotional skills that will help them manage their work more effectively and improve their ability to cope in the workpklace.


employees leaflet

  For Employers 

 employers leaflet

If you have an employee who is struggling at work due to mental health difficulties, We can help.

If your employee is willing, we can meet with you both to try and develop a strategy for addressing problems and making work more manageable. Interventions will be practical and realistic and we can provide advice and training if workplace wellbing is an issue or something which you would like to improve.



Click on the link to find out more about the project or email if you would like to book anappointment with the team.