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 At Sheffield Mind we provide a variety of high quality training to suit your organisational   and people management needs.

 We are experts in the field of mental health and emotional wellbeing and we work   with a range of organisations to help them improve their approach to mental health in   the workplace.

 Whether you’re a line manager looking to support the mental health of your staff or a   senior leader interested in improving the workplace wellbeing of your organisation – we   can help.

About Sheffield Mind Training 

Our training is suitable for anyone working directly with individualsexperiencing mental health difficulties and with organisations who may interact with customers or clients who may present with certain conditions or challenging behaviour.

If you are working with staff in a customer facing/services environment, we can help give them the skills to effectively manage commonly occuring situations and can also look at scanarios very particular to a sector or workplace.

We run introductory courses for individuals and groups who may be interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of mental illness and also run courses that focus on specific conditions.

Training 12

 Core Traing Sessions 

Simon 10

Mental Health Awareness. 3 hours.

This course is for anyone who would like a better understanding of mental health.

  • This session will enable participants to:
  • Consider what ‘mental health’ is.     
  • Identify common mental health issues.
  • Think about what impact stigma and negative attitudes have on people.

Identify strategies for supporting / signposting people with mental health issues 

Workplace Wellbeing. 3 hours.

Research confirms that a culture of fear and silence around mental health is costly to employers both in terms of lost productivity and worker retention.

We can help you identify small, simple steps to make your workplace mentally healthier.

This training session will enable you to:

  • Identify common mental health difficulties.
  • Start a conversation with an employee about mental health.
  • Better manage mental health at work.
  • Identify strategies to promote workplace wellbeing and create a more emotionally healthy workplace..


Training 4 
 Joe and Kat

Basic Counselling Skills. 3 hours.

This session is ideal for anybody who wants to find out more about counselling, or anybody who works with people and wants to develop their listening and reflecting skills.
This session will enable participants to:
  • Understand active listening skills and develop reflective skills, to communicate
  • understanding & encourage deeper exploration.
  • Revise how we communicate & actively listen
  • Learn & develop the reflective skills of restating, paraphrasing & summarising when listening.
  • Understand the meaning of passive, aggressive & assertive communication.
  • Learn and develop skills of assertive communication using the DESO model

in addition to core training we provide bespoke sessions including: Anxiety Awareness, Motivating Clients, Stress Management and professional boundaries. A new training brochure is available on request.

Training can be delivered at your place of work OR you in our fully equipped training suite here at the Wellbeing Centre on Sharrow Lane.

We can provide a range of resources and guides so you will have information to refer back to after training is completed and we are
developing a range of guides and tools that we hope to post on this site to further improve people's knowledge of mental health and how
they might apply this knowkedge to their area of work.
To make an enquiry about bespoke training for you or your organisation, or for more information about our programme, please contact us. 
Tel: 0114 258 4489 ext 103   Email: