Penny (not her real name) is 40 years old. She has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a history of suicide attempts. Since her Dad died several years ago, she has been drinking heavily. She was referred to the Support & Recovery Service because she had very low mood, very low motivation and was increasingly isolating herself.

Gradually Penny and her support worker started using their weekly session to go to the shops together. Penny’s worker would encourage Penny to write out a shopping list before they went. From this, they moved on to tackling jobs around the house; Penny had neglected the place when she was feeling really low, so her support worker encouraged Penny to identify small DIY jobs they could do together, to make the house nice.

Now, when they meet, Penny usually has some idea about what she wants to do with their time together.  Her house looks a lot better, which has in turn made Penny feel better about herself. 

Her next goal is to reduce her alcohol intake.