Mia (not her real name) was referred to Connect 3 having become very unwell following a premature return to work. Mia struggled to motivate herself, stating she felt the ‘lowest she has ever felt’ and feeling like she did not ‘have a reason to live’.  Mia felt that she had been rushed back into work and was unable to cope with the demand, causing her to have severe panic attacks on a daily basis.

Mia felt overwhelmed by all the phone calls to housing, DWP, work etc that she was required to make and her panic attacks made it impossible for her to do so. Her keyworker developed a programme of ‘graded exposure’ that started with the  keyworker making the call and Mia listening, moving on to Mia making the call on loudspeaker and the keyworker standing by to help if necessary, to her eventually feeling confident enough to make these calls for herself. 

Mia’s Connect 3 keyworker also supported her to access specialist therapy to address past issues of domestic violence. In addition Mia was in arrears with her rent, but managed, with the support of Connect 3, to start a repayment plans.

Mia is now looking at volunteering options, as a first step towards an eventual transition back into work