From start to finish, Sheffield Mind's Connect 3 service has well and truly gone above and beyond for me, in terms of supporting me with my day to day life and encouraging me to become more resilient to take more control of the normal stuff such as paying bills and food shopping etc.

Additionally to this though, the immense support that was in place to encourage me through and keep battling when it was the most difficult mentally to tackle, and get repairs done to my flat, was unbelievable not only from the service itself, but my now former key worker. His gift and talent for the work he does leaves you finding it difficult to ever really find the right descriptive words which would honour the lengths that he goes to with making sure his clients (such as myself) find themselves in the best possible position in moving forward with their own life and building and instilling that resilience to tackle what life through at you.

The mental health support that was provided, not only by the service as a whole and what they stand for, but by their valuable key workers is just immeasurable if I'm honest. As I may have stated, the service and the key workers really do go above and beyond what their job description is and are hugely valuable and important members of the community, by providing this service for people such as myself that struggle severely with mental health on a regular basis. This service quite literally has not only changed my life but saved it!! I would not be in the happy stronger place I am not in my life if it wasnt for this service, full stop.

This is why it is so important for this and other services like this to get funding renewals, as basic as it sounds, it literally does what it says on the tin. Helps people manage their day to day lives while suffering with mental health, but not only tha,t the key workers really do such a wonderful job in supporting you and guiding you on your own, to the point where you do become more mentally stronger to be able to tackle these things in life by yourself. They help guide you and encourage you to take back control of your life and finally get a hold and manage your own mental health on a daily basis, so they really should be celebrated for all the work they doing in not only changing my life, but many others past present and fingers crossed future wise.

This and many other services already get underfunded in my opinion and I'm a prime example of these services having a positive impact on changing peoples lives so they should definitely be funded more long term, maybe even more funding should be found to create more brilliant services like this!

Please note that this service is now offered by Adullum Housing.