Keeping Families in Mind

Support for military families in South Yorkshire

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  • KFIM Services

    Find out about the KFIM service, meet the team and get further information about the support provided to the families of current and veteran armed forces personnel in South Yorkshire. Read more

  • KFIM Groups

    We run a range of groups to bring people together so they are able to make friends and provide a network of peer support. Read more

  • Self Help

    We want to provide advice and support to assist people to achieve things for themselves. Read more


  • Supporting someone with a mental health difficulty

    There can be many challenges when helping someone with a mental health condition but the main thing is to remember that you do not need to know all of the answers. Just being there could be enough. Read more

  • Grounding Techniques

    KFIM Movement Therapist Kirsty demonstrates a number of basic techniques to help you deal with the symptoms of stress and anxiety Read more

  • Self Help

    Self Care - simple in principal BUT we are not always that successful at ministering to own needs Here are a few tips and ideas for how to take better care of ourselves. Read more


  • KFIM Craft Group

    This is a friendly and informal group that comes together to learn new skills, channel their creative energy and have fun with friends. Read more

  • KFIM Yoga Group

    My Yoga class are designed for all, using postures and breathing practise and Relaxation and meditation techniques. Yoga helps promote flexibility, strength and increases joint mobility. We also work to calm the mind and energies, and focus a lot on the breath to improve our overall breathing. Yoga aids relaxation which helps with our focus and concentration and makes us become more mindful to help reduce the stress we may occur in our everyday lives. Read more