Keep Calm and Keep Fit!

Our Get Set To Go team have been busy putting together a comprehensive guide to things we can all be doing to try and maintain good physical and mental wellbeing. 

This guide provides some ideas on how to stay active whilst being at home, designed particularly for the current uncertain times we are living in.

These suggestions are based on UK government guidelines on the 31/3/20, which state that people may leave their homes for “One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk or bike ride - alone or with members of your household”. Please keep up to date with advice on leaving home and remember that if government guidance changes, that will supercede this advice.

Although it may be tempting, the Derbyshire Police Constabulary and the British Mountaineering Council are urging people not to drive out to the Peak District for exercise - this is classed as non-essential travel and shouldn’t be undertaken in current conditions, especially as Mountain Rescue teams are operating significantly below their usual capacity.

If starting a new exercise programme remember to build up gradually and stay safe. Please answer this short Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before commencing a programme - if you answer “yes” to any of the questions listed we advise you to consult with a medical professional before engaging in moderate to vigorous activity.

Don’t forget to share your journey with us. We love to see people having fun being active.

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Sheffield City Cycle Map
Cycling is a great way to experience some independence & freedom, especially with the low levels of motor traffic.  Remember to wear clothing appropriate to the conditions, such as high-vis gear at night, and a helmet if that is your preference. Don’t take any risks or go anywhere that you might not be able to get back from by yourself. If you are not confident in cycling or don’t know how to ride a bike, now is probably not a good time to start learning.

Sheffield City Walks has maps and walking routes for various areas of Sheffield. Remember to stay local, not to use public transport to get to any walks, and to ensure safe social distancing as per guidelines when out and about.

Sheffield Parks and Green Spaces shows how fortunate Sheffield is in having lots of green spaces, so accessing nature whilst staying local is still possible for many residents. Please note that the list of playgrounds on this site is to be disregarded as playgrounds and other enclosed outdoor spaces are no longer available for use.

If you are new to running, the NHS Couch to 5K programme is a very good place to start. It builds up gradually from short intervals of running combined with walking all the way to running 5 kilometres continuously, with downloadable podcasts to guide you through sessions.

Zombies, Run! Is a running game that you can download as an app for your phone. It’s similar to Couch to 5K but designed to be a fun immersive adventure game to make getting into running more enjoyable.

If you are already comfortable running, great, carry on! The walking maps linked above have a lot of suggestions for routes that you might want to consider.


Starting Out
NHS Home Workouts is an excellent guide to home workouts that are suitable for beginners. There are programmes for strength training (no equipment needed), yoga, pilates, dancing and aerobics.

Beginners Yoga provides a selection of online yoga sessions that are suitable for newcomers.

Seated Workouts

These are great for anyone with mobility issues, or if you’re just getting back into physical activity after a long period of being sedentary.
NHS Seated Workouts

Parasport Chair Workout

General Workouts
Joe Wicks 7 Days of Sweat is a mixture of High Intensity Interval Training Cardio (don’t be put off by the words) and bodyweight resistance training - no equipment needed, just some space indoors. He is also streaming PE lessons for children and adults at 9am every morning, which can be an ideal way to have some fun and kickstart your day.

Fitness blender has over 500 free home workouts with a range of styles and difficulties to choose from.

Les Mills Online Workouts - Sheffield International Venues have recommended Les Mills home workouts with over 95 workouts to choose from in a variety of styles.

Exercise on Referral Workouts If you’ve been part of an  Exercise on Referral programme you may like to follow the home workout created by Sheffield SIV’s own staff. The videos here will be added to in the following weeks. 

Places Locker App is Places Leisure Centres’ free app, where you can access online workouts, track progress and log workouts. Great if you need some slightly more tangible motivation to get moving.


With over 6.5 million followers,  Yoga With Adriene provides popular guided yoga practices in a variety of styles for all experience levels.


Yoga For Uncertain Times provides a series of mindful yoga practices designed to help people cope with current times.

Headspace Running Meditations is a Headspace and Nike collaboration giving guided meditations for mindful running. To use them you’ll need to download the Nike Run Club app from your phone’s app store.

Headspace Walking Meditations are guided meditations for walking. There are a mixture of free and paid-for ones.


The following accounts and hashtags come recommended for inspiration and ideas:









Dancing: If you need to let off some steam, dancing can be the perfect way to do it. Just put on your favourite tracks and get moving! If you need a little inspiration there are Youtube tutorials for all sorts of dance styles, from ballet to belly dancing there’s bound to be something you enjoy!

Gardening: If you have a garden now is the perfect time to get outside and give it some love. Gardening is a gentle low impact form of activity that is suitable for all ages.

Housework: It may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but keeping on top of housework is a good way to keep lightly active, and can be absorbing enough to distract from difficult emotions.

Weight training with household objects: If you’d usually be doing some weightlifting as part of your normal routine, getting creative with household objects can help add some resistance to your training: heavy books in a bag or bags of garden compost can be used for squatting, big bottles of laundry liquid can replace a kettlebell, bottles of liquid or food tins can be used as small weights for flys, and chairs can be used for triceps dips, glute bridges and incline push ups.

Circus Skills

Acrobatics is a great way to work on flexibility, balance and strength at the same time. Learning to do the splits or handstands can provide a fun challenge. These skills are best worked on little and often - improvements come slowly over time but are very rewarding when you do achieve them and it only takes a few minutes each day to get there.

If you own any juggling balls or tennis balls then learning to juggle can be a good way to work on coordination. A couple of tennis balls (or apples if you’re stuck) in a pair of long socks make a great homemade poi set - all you’ll need is a little space to begin learning.