Ben Graney Thanks for checking out my fundraising page!

Whilst it isn't easy to admit, like many people, I have struggled at times to maintain a sense of 'being ok' (whatever the heck that means) through some challenging times pre and during lockdown. Luckily, 2 things have helped me enormously in getting to and staying in a more positive mindset. Firstly, a fantastic set of friends and family that I have been able to talk to and have supported me. Secondly, I have found great solace and positivity in getting a hell of a lot fitter and as a lot of my long suffering social media followers will know, I have been hitting the hills of Sheffield and the Peaks more and more over the last few months.

I wanted to use my re-found passion for running to raise some money and awareness for Sheffield Mind, who do some fantastic work in helping support people who need some support with their own mental health. Their mission is to intervene early to improve well-being and provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and de-stigmatise mental health conditions.

The challenge has been set to me by my good friend in Philadelphia, Ian Poush (who I met when he was managing security on my local bar in Manayunk in 2009). On the 16-18th July we will simultaneously be running 48 miles in 48 hours - consisting of a 4 mile run every 4 hours - starting at 9pm Thursday, and going through to 5pm Saturday (yes including through the night). I will be choosing 12 different routes around Sheff and the Peaks, and aim to be joined on them by a number of friends/supporting businesses (feel free to get in touch with any offers.....)

I have no real clue how hard this will be or if I can finish it...but I will be giving it my all and would love any support / donations you can spare. Likewise, please try to take a few minutes to check out Sheffield Mind, and remember it is ok to not be ok - and to reach out to those around you.

Thanks for reading! I don't apologise for the social media spam that is to ensue ;)

***UPDATE 3/7/2020: I am absolutely delighted to have hit my £4,000 target with just under 2 weeks to go. Therefore I am upping the target to £6000 to see if we can raise as much as we can for this great cause! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!***

***UPDATE 7/7/2020: You can hear more about my motivations for running and supporting Sheffield Mind here *** Ben Graney