I have decided to fundraise for Sheffield MIND to give something back to society. I believe we are currently in a time when people need support the most. Mental health is the least talked about subject and people suffer in silence. One of the biggest issues is stigma.
I took up walking, adventuring and backpacking last year although I have been a walker most of my life. I found that this is very therapeutic in keeping depression and anxiety at bay and gives me time to properly reflect and clear my mind of negativity. It is for this reason that I have decided to incorporate long distance walking into raising money for MIND.
I have decided to challenge myself to the Loch Ness 360 thru hike which will be done over 6 days. It will start in Inverness and will utilise the Great Glen Way and South Loch Ness Trail for 82 miles heading through Invermoriston, Fort Agustus, Whitebridge, Foyers, Dores and back to Inverness. I intend to be as self sufficient as possible and it will involve wild camping. It isn’t one of the longest walking trails that there is but it certainly looks a challenge and a good starting point for a beginner backpacker. Wish me luck!

Lucy Bailey