We welcome both positive and negative feedback about our services. This enables us to continue with what we are doing well, making changes where we could do better. You can click here to see some examples of changes we've made in response to feedback.

If you would like to contribute on a regular basis to how we run services and how we might change or improve the way in which services are delivered, you might be interested in joining our Open Mind's service User group.



The group meets to discuss the services available at Sheffield Mind, particularly the user experience. We hope to gather constructive information and gather knowledge which we can use to shape and finesse the way we deliver our services, ensuring they are relevant and achieve positive results.

Sheffield Mind values the opinions of our clients and former clients and want to use this to help inform our delivery and how the organisation functions.

It's important that people to feel able to contribute to the group but there is no pressure to share experiences and no expectations for people to bring particular skills or to have amazing ideas.

As a part of the quality assurance which Sheffield Mind undertakes we want to ensure that there is service user feedback into key areas of the organisation. Participation is about working as part of the group, respecting the ground rules and respecting each other’s different opinions and views.


To provide service user input into organisational policy, procedure and service development or delivery. The outcome of discussions held within the Open Minds group will be noted and fed into the appropriate inform Service Managers, Senior Managers and the Board of Trustees.

Whilst the Open Minds group won't have a decision making remit regarding Sheffield Mind’s operational policy, procedure or service development it will provide the opportunity for a service user voice in these areas.


The group will meet every three months. An agenda will be agreed in advance regarding the areas to be discussed.


Membership of the group is open to all service users however membership is dependent upon agreeing to and adhering to the ground rules and the purpose of the group.

If you are interested in joining the group and contributing your ideas to the way we do things at Sheffield Mind, talk to your worker about how you might get involved or email Head of Operations Robert Horsley at [email protected]