Some people say they find creative therapies helpful because they provide ways of addressing painful feelings and difficult experiences, without talking about them. Many therapists and trained professionals are able to interpret a lot from what we create and this is a great way to open up about topics which are otherwise difficult to discuss.

Of course, that isn’t to say that all engagement with art has to be therapy or an outlet for our emotions - art is also fun and something we enjoy.


Ways to Get Arty while Out-and-About

Getting interested in art is really fun and there are loads of arty things to do in and around Sheffield and South Yorkshire. The Creative Tourist website lists craft, history, cinema, theatre, classical music and art events. For all us theatre buffs out there, Sheffield is renowned for its great facilities, the Crucible and Lyceum host great performances all year round and the Showroom and Curzon air many National Theatre Live performances. Budding actors aren’t forgotten either, the Stagecoach Theatre Group, and Theatre Deli embrace the opportunity to work with, and educate, amateur actors


Art within the Home

With all that being said, who’s to say that we can’t get arty within our own homes? A great way to transform our own personal spaces and to introduce our personalities into our living spaces is to decorate! Getting down to B&Q and purchasing some wallpaper, or a favourite electric blue colour paint, can really make us feel good about ourselves and feel proud of our homes. Even something as small as putting up some fairy lights and generally taking care of our homes can make us feel better. The same can be said for getting creative with cooking and baking, which are art-forms in themselves! Finding a new, difficult recipe can be challenging, but so rewarding - and it may well turn out to be a masterpiece! As well as this, there are some amazing Youtube videos which cater for all interests. That means we can learn something new from the comfort of our own homes and not spend a single penny!



For those people who are already skilled in something art-tastic, or who have gone out and learned something new and fabulous, a lovely way to give back is to teach other people - our children or a friend or colleague. It’s really rewarding to inspire other people by our creativity. For example, why not set up a lunch time knitting or crochet club at work? Or get your children involved, painting some furniture for their bedrooms. There are so many ways to get creative - and giving something a new lease of life is a great feeling.


If you have an artistic talent or passion that has really helped to lift your mood, why not tweet about it or post in Gal Pals or create a blog so that you can teach other people?