When and why did you start volunteering for Sheffield Mind?

I started as a volunteer for Sheffield Mind about 4yrs ago. I was suffering from mental health problems myself and felt this role might help me.

What is your role?

I'm a Recovery Coach and regularly volunteer at the Springboard.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for Sheffield Mind?

The variety! In addition to the Springboard, I've helped with profile-raising events such as the Sheffield Wellbeing Festival and also participated in 'Tea and Talk' awareness days.

What have you learned?

I've learned that it's possible to gain help and support from others to cope with a life that was once full of despair. 

Would you recommend volunteering for Sheffield Mind to other people ?

Being a Recovery Coach is not for everyone. It requires patience and understanding to listen to someone whose life feels hopeless and lost. It can, however, as I have found, be very rewarding.