People don’t always have the words to express what they are feeling. Sometimes it’s not easy to talk about how we feel.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy doesn’t rely on talking about problems, it uses body, movement and rhythm as a way of expressing how we feel. Movement in a dance therapy setting is more than just exercise and you don’t have to be able to dance to begin this therapy.

At Sheffield Mind we use a variety of different creative techniques including breath, posture, gesture, use of props and rhythmical movement to explore feelings and emotions.

How to access Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Movement and Mood sessions are being offered as part of our Keeping Families in Mind service and is free to the family members (spouse/partner, parent, child, sibling, carer) of current and veteran armed forces personnel. 

If you are interested in accessing the service, visit the Keeping Families in Mind page for further details or email [email protected] / call  0114 258 4489.