We are excited to announce the return of the great Sheffield Mind Clothes Swap! Taking place on Friday 19th April.
This event is a special one as its is being supported by boohoo.com , a global brand with a local base and a lovely team of staff who want to promote and support what we do!
The premise is simple, we all have clothes that we have fallen out of love with - or which we bought on impulse only for the whim to wither and fade - but which we can't quite bring ourselves to part with. The clothes swap allows you to exchange unloved items for new things so you don't lose out but actually gain some new togs - all for the princely fee of just £5.
Imagine, a brand new wardrobe for just £5 AND you're doing your bit for the environment, as well as for Sheffield Mind! Every penny raised will be invested in the services we provide to people in our city and help us to reach even more people in need of support.
Its a fun event to take part in, we make the building look pretty and turn our counselling rooms into dressing rooms so you can try on before you 'buy'.  
So what are you waiting for - get those wardrobes open and dig out your 5 items!