Our Friendly Friday socials are proving to be a big hit 

Visitors receive a warm welcome from the volunteers who can help introduce them to other guests and to facilitate activities, games, quizzes etc.

This is an informal get together and not a therapeutic group, but we encourage peer support.

Today at Friendly Friday I witnessed a first-time visitor attend and become very open about the issues he has faced.

He has never been able to talk about his experiences previously. This only happened because of the safe, supportive and warm environment that Friendly Friday brings. I met people I have seen before and it was great seeing them. This service allows people who may not otherwise, socialise with others. It’s a really valuable service and I am proud I can play a small part in this happening. Every time I leave I am reminded of how important this service is for the wider community." Volunteer, Gavin.

I'm interested in mental health and promoting everyone to lead the healthiest and most positive lives they can, which includes talking to someone and breaking the mental health stigma.

Going to Sheffield Mind for the Friendly Friday drop-in with Sky, I felt that the afternoon was a warm and inviting environment for people to come and be themselves. Whether those who came opened up about their own personal struggles, or if they spoke to us about their daily lives, it was a safe space for people to talk to someone else and feel less alone. By encouraging talking, people will not only feel less guilty for being their authentic selves, but they'll also be able to find places they need to seek help. This friendly environment is an important haven for the community to let people know that they can live and function with mental health issues and is invaluable". Volunteer, Hannah.