Currently Suspended - Please note that we are not currently hosting Friendly Friday meetings due to funding having ended.

If you are interested in meeting up online and / or in-person, check out our weekly Springboard Sessions here

Our Volunteers

We have been lucky enough to work with some great volunteers at the group and have welcomed individuals from local companies, from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam and also from members of the public who wanted to donate their time to support people in need. Some of the volunteers had personal experience of mental ill health whilst others were keen to use the skills and experiences they had, to help people manage their health conditions and situations more effectively.

We are incredibly grateful for all the support and are always pleased to see the reciprocal benefits that volunteering can have. below are just a couple pf comments we have had from people that have spent time at Friendly Friday :

'Its really good fun to chat with different people every week, to share the ups - of which there are many, there are a lot of laughs at Friendly Friday - and be there to support individuals when they are down and need someone to listen. Its helped me to understand how isolation can make a problem seem so much worse than it is as some people have no other perspective than their own and they benefit massively from hearing from other people who have been through and got through similar issues' Hallam Student Volunteer

'This service allows people who may not otherwise, socialise with others. It’s a really valuable service and I am proud I can play a small part in this happening. Every time I leave I am reminded of how important this service is for the wider community." Volunteer, Gavin.

Going to Sheffield Mind for the Friendly Friday drop-in with Sky, I felt that the afternoon was a warm and inviting environment for people to come and be themselves. Whether those who came opened up about their own personal struggles, or if they spoke to us about their daily lives, it was a safe space for people to talk to someone else and feel less alone. By encouraging talking, people will not only feel less guilty for being their authentic selves, but they'll also be able to find places they need to seek help. This friendly environment is an important haven for the community to let people know that they can live and function with mental health issues and is invaluable". Volunteer, Hannah.