Purchasing Our Services

Our aim is to ensure that our services are accessible to all that need them; different services are paid for in different ways. Some of our services are funded by the individuals who use them, mostly those in receipt of personal budgets. Other services are commissioned by the NHS or local authority or are paid for through grants and trust funds.

We have a number of services specifically for individuals able to pay and for those in receipt of personal budgets: see our information on Self Directed Support.

For commissioners and funders Sheffield Mind delivers:

  • high quality services (attained Level 2 of the Mind Quality Management quality assurance mark)
  • exceptional value for money
  • reliability
  • a client-centred approach
  • consistently positive outcomes
  • innovative approaches to meeting client need
  • ability to engage marginalised groups
  • expertise and advanced systems to ensure accountabilty in contract management

We have a long track record of working in mental health and a strong reputation in the city. We are a well governed and managed organisation, keen to engage in co-production to effectively meet the changing needs of the population of Sheffield.