Our Peer Support Worker team enjoyed an 'Away Day' our friends and partners on this project, Darnall Well Being 

All our Peer Support Work team have lived experience of mental health issues and use this experience to support people with Severe Mental Illness (SMI). Many of the clients they work with are at very different stages in their recovery and staff will use their experience to ensure that clients work at their own pace towards their recovery goals.

There are 15 Peer Support Workers based in the Primary Care Networks across the city. We play host not only to two members of the team but to the Peer Support Coordinator. 

This innovative intervention is part of the broader Primary & Community Mental Health Transformation Programme (PCMH) which offers a new way of delivering services for adults with 
serious mental illnesses and other complex needs in places near to their homes. 

By improving access to services, the programme aims to ensure support is provided at the earliest possible stage, to prevent deterioration. Staff will work with clients to re-establish local connections and to engage them with activities and support services that will beneficial to sustained improvement. 

The Peer Support Workers join our Community Connectors, who are also part of this exciting development in mental health care and demonstrate the value placed on third sector services. We are proud to play our part!