Mental health issues indiscriminately affect so many people in so many different ways and the support people receive is vital to their well being. Organisations such as Sheffield Mind provide invaluable support as well as increasing awareness and helping to remove the stigma often associated with mental health.

On a personal level I have seen the suffering and anguish that mental health issues can bring to an individual as well as families and friends, sometimes with tragic consequences.
After watching a documentary on the marathon des sables I was hooked. The idea of a week long run/walk/crawl across the Sahara desert for over 250 km in temperatures up to 50 degrees was difficult to resist. After talking about it for over 20 years I’ve finally plucked up the courage.
Running has always helped me keep my mind in a good place and it seems logical to use my race to raise funds and support the lovely folk at Sheffield Mind.

Any donations are greatly appreciated as are any words of wisdom and encouragement. 100% of all donations will go directly to Sheffield Mind.


Lindsay Doyle-Price