Our beloved son Josh took his own life on 29 September 2021. We are devastated by his loss and it will be our eternal sorrow that he came so low that he didn’t feel he had a future.

The manner of his death doesn’t take away the joy he brought to so many people in his far too short life. He was such fun to be around, always slightly larger than life, witty and charming with an irrepressible sense of humour, as one of his friends put it, he could light up a room.

He had a huge capacity for love which he bestowed freely on his family, his friends, his colleagues, his clients and his beautiful dog. Caring and passionate about people, his innate compassion led him to work with the most disadvantaged in society, in the end to his personal cost.

So clever, he had an almost photographic memory and with him dies his encyclopedic knowledge of film, music, every significant TV series of the last 20 years and a Simpsons quote for every occasion. Everyone leaves a hole when they die but our beautiful boy leaves a chasm.

We have opened this fundraising page for you to leave any donation in his memory.

Josh was a passionate advocate for those most disadvantaged in society. MIND provide a valuable service in a woefully underfunded sector, in tribute to him, we have chosen to support their work with the hope it can help others and prevent future suffering and loss.

Please feel free to leave any message of support below.

Thank you for your donation. Gill, Malcolm and Family