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Sheffield Mind and Body Project

The Mind & Body project, which runs until July 2017is designed to achieve improvement in health through better levels of physical activity, better diet and self esteem, increased emotional resilience and reducing social isolation. Feeling good about your physical health can be a real boost to your mental health. The project offers courses to help people increase their wellbeing and live an overall healthier life.

The groups are very informal and are designed to be welcoming, fun and inclusive. Some of the groups focus on mental health and others are designed to increase physical activity & in general to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Topics include; healthy lifestyle, dealing with stress & anxiety, relaxation, mindfulness, boosting self esteem, improving mood, food & mood, book reviews, film reviews, women's wellbeing, anger management and various exercise & physical activity classes (active walking, dance, yoga etc..).We will be expanding on these areas during the project and welcome the thoughts & feedback of the community as to topic areas they would like to see run by us.

The project is dynamic and changing frequently. You can check in to the website for updated course information including booking on to the courses, keep an eye on our facebook and our twitter or alternatively contact us directly for further details or to ask any questions;

Joseph Clark - Administrator (part time)

Coralie Hopwood - Community Health Worker (part time)
Samira Gjerde - Community Health Worker (part time)
Jon Friend - Project Coordinator    tel: 0114 258 4489 ext. 108


Sheffield Mind and Body is also responsible for the Anger Management Programme. Staff are in the process of planning the programme for 2015 so if you are interested in finding out more about this service and what we have planned, click here.

Health and Wellbeing - working in partnership with Activity Sheffield
Regular physical activity is crucial to good general health and we are pleased to be working in partnership with Sheffield City Council's Activity Sheffield initiative to help improve and increase access to Sheffield's Sport and Physical Activity scheme.
There are proven benefits to getting involved in physical activity and evidence suggests that regular exercise can significantly reduce the risks of debilitating conditions such as dementia and depression.
The Sport and Physical Activity Scheme aims to help individuals overcome their barriers to taking part in exercise by providing one to one and group support. You will work with advisors to design a programme of activity and receive ongoing support to ensure that the activities are appropriate and enjoyable.
If you think that you would benefit from this kind of activity you can download the referral form here. Once completed you can return to the following address: Activity Sheffield, Sheffield City Council, 2-10 Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield, S9 2DB or email If you would like to find out more about the potential benefits of physical activity on your mental health, check out the Activity Sheffield website  or call the Sheffield Mind office on 0114 258 4489.