Sheffield Mind and Body Project

Feeling good about your physical health can be a real boost to your mental health.

Sheffield Mind has been granted funding for three years (until 2017) to run the Sheffield Mind and Body Project through the Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities fund. The aim of the project is to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people living in deprived and BME communities and the areas of greatest health inequalities in Sheffield. Courses and workshops seek to improve levels of physical activity, improve diet and self esteem, address stress and anxiety and promote relaxation, thereby increasing emotional resilience and reducing social isolation.

The groups are very informal and are designed to be welcoming, fun and inclusive. Some of the groups focus on mental wellbeing, others are designed to increase physical activity, some are in general to lead a healthier lifestyle & some are simply to engage in an activity you enjoy while meeting some new people. Please see below for details of upcoming courses, or scroll down for a history of our recent work.


Upcoming Courses - Open to All

   Carer's Toolbox - 5 weeks commencing Friday 28 August 2015, 10.30am to 12.30pm at the Carer's Centre (city centre)


Community Lunch Group - 6 weeks commencing Thursday 10 Sep 2015, 10.30am to 1pm in Low Edges


Film Review Group - 5 sessions within the Springboard Cafe at Manor Library, commencing Monday 14 Sep 2015 at 11am


0114 258 4489 ext 108 or 119


Recent courses

Emotional Wellbeing:

Extra course dates added:

Emotional Wellbeing @ St. Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane -

Starts Mon 13th July 10.00 - 11.30am, fortnightly for 5 sessions.

Emotional Wellbeing - Summer 2015

Tennis Coaching & Play:

 Tennis coach  play - PCC - July 2015


Book Group:

 Book Group

Dance About:

Dance About


Step Outside:

Step Outside


Previous work

The Project has so far successfully delivered the following courses and workshops:

Women's Wellbeing

  • a six-session course run in partnership with Key Changes, a women's organisation located in Firth Park (Autumn 2014)
  • 3 workshops delivered in partnership with Maan, Sheffield's Somali Mental Health project (Autumn 2014)
  • 6 sessions delivered in partnership with the Terminus Initiative in Lowedges to refugee and asylum seeker women (Spring 2015)

Emotional Wellbeing

  • A six-week course delivered in partnership wih Roshni, Asian Women's Resource Centre  (Feb/Mar 2015)
  • A six week course run in liaison with Heeley City Farm/Heeley Green GP Practice Champions at Heeley Green (Summer 2015)
  • 2 five week courses run within the Manor and the Sheaf Springboard cafes (Summer 2015)

Healthy Lifestyle

  • A 5-week course delivered in partnership with Maan, Somali Mental Health project (Spring 2015)

Self Esteem & Stress Management

  • Courses & workshops for children & young people in partnership with Firth Park Academy (Feb/Mar 2015)

Carers' Toolbox courses

  • The Mind & Body Project also delivers Carers' Toolbox sessions as part of Keeping Carers in Mind (click for more information)

Anger Management courses

Community Lunch

  • A six-week course in Low Edges, preparing, cooking, & eating low cost and nutritious food together & meeting & talking with others in the process (Summer 2015)

Future Courses

The project is dynamic and courses continue to be developed and added. Future courses will include Mindfulness, Healthy Lifestyle, further Physical Activity courses and a Film Group amongst others.

You can check our homepage for updated course information including booking onto courses, keep an eye on our Facebook and our Twitter, or alternatively contact us directly for further details or to ask any questions:

Jon Friend - Project Co-ordinator

Samira Gjerde - Community Health Worker
Coralie Hopwood - Community Health Worker
Joseph Clark - Administrator    tel: 0114 258 4489 ext. 108