At Sheffield Mind we are committed to providing a positive experience for all our volunteers. We are hoping to recruit to the following roles:

We are looking to recruit someone with excellent knowledge of financial management and procedures to take on the role of Treasurer.

In addition to the statutory requirements of Trustee, the Treasurer will be required to oversee the work of the Finance Sub Committee, ensuring that regular meetings are held, that appropriate records are kept and that findings and recommendations are fed back to the Board.

The Treasurer will liaise periodically with the Finance Manager to ensure the charity is meeting its obligations in relation to financial matters and contribute to system and policy review as appropriate.

If you are interested in finding out more about this role please call the office on 0114 258 4489 ext 107 or email for a role description and application form.

You can also download both by clicking here.

Trustee  - IT

We are looking to recruit a Trustee with good practical knowledge of IT. This area of operations has frequently been identified as one in which we are lacking expertise and are looking to recruit an experienced professional who can advise on network development and how best to use new software/applications to enhance and optimise the way we deliver services.

As a trustee your responsibilities would be to attend regular meetings of the Board and to participate in periodic strategic development and planning sessions to review and improve performance or address particular areas of concern.

We are always looking for ways  to improve the way in which we work and to make the most of the resources available to us.

If you are interested in finding out more about this role please call the office on 0114 258 4489 ext 107 or email further details and an application form.




Counsellors and Psychotherapists





Sheffield Mind are now accepting applications for volunteer counsellor placements. In order to apply for a placement, you need either to be enrolled on course (Level 4 or above) which commences in September 2018 or already on a suitable course.

New student placements will be allocated to practitioners whilst you remain on your course, you will be expected to complete your placement shortly after you complete your studies.

If you are interested in applying for the post click here 

The closing date for applications is 30th September 2018 with interviews to be held on October 9th to the 11th inclusive.


Sheffield Mind has a volunteer policy. This document gives you clear guidance on what would be expected of you as a volunteer. Click here to view it.